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Unless you live under a rock, you are probably completely reliant on technology to get through the day. Sometimes, it drives us nuts, like when you have to keep turning off the router. My printer was giving me grey hairs last week, but I ramble. Generally technology rocks! Most people I know have love-hate partnership with technology. We adore technology when it works and are grateful for its existence, but if it doesn’t work… well, you will most likely see laptops and modern technology on the checklist of things that irritate us!

Nevertheless, let’s be honest about it and remember why we mostly love it. Here are 6 good reasons why we should be appreciative of all the new (and continuously growing) technology we have available to us:

1. We can instantaneously connect to info on everything

I remember when I was a youngster, all study needed a trip to the library and primitive research with a set of encyclopedias. Now, if you have to find a Japanese Sushi bar within 1 kilometer of your house, you can not only locate one, but you can have a look at the menu and purchase online so your food is waiting on you when you arrive!

2. Technology keeps us connected.

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Even though it can quickly be suggested we’ve burnt the candle at both ends in this area, cellphones, tablets, and even social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter) have allowed us to find and keep in touch with more folks more regularly.

3. It saves us money and time.

Virtually nothing has done more for the customer than the Web. In moments, you can browse on and review various services and products without needing to make a single telephone call or (perhaps even better) entering your car to drive around searching for what you want. Also, you can order practically everything online and have it delivered to your door. Dazzling! Furthermore the cash you save on petrol. Your workplace is as close as your closest notebook and smart phone. You can easily operate from anywhere whenever, possibly getting rid of a long drive to work.

4. It keeps us straightened out.

Despite the fact that I have an old-school diary I still need my phone to remind me about odd little things. Ignore those post-it notes stuck all around your table, slips of records stuffed in your wallets and day-to-day organizers. Digital and online planners and calendars keep our plans organized and sync to our smart phone and other mobile gadgets so we are continually set up.

5. It allows all of us to become more “earth-friendly.”.

With the help of e-mail and the Internet, along with the ease in document image resolution, we can easily all correspond with one another without needing to waste paper and printer ink, not to mention stamps!

6. It gives us an excuse.

old technology pic

Awww! Remember these? I used to have drawers of them #GoodOldDays

Modern technology can be a great fall guy for any variety of blunders we have made. Missed a scheduled appointment? Blame your system being down or not integrating properly. Wish to end a telephone call? Point the finger at a lousy cell signal or tap the mute key on your mobile phone while at the same time saying, “I can’t hear you.”. I know you’d never be that rude though….

Make today the Thank-God-for-Technology day. I’m sure if Maslow was around he’d rethink his hierarchy of needs.



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